Anchoring the front of Chesapeake Arts Center is Hammonds Lane Theatre; a professional non-union “road house” with the ability to host graduations, concerts, theatre or dance performances, and lectures. Our facility features multiple-aisle arrangement seating (752 seats, handicapped accessible); industry current lighting, sound, and video systems, and a 400 person capacity rehearsal hall.


Located at the rear of our facility is Studio 194; a small intimate space with the ability to host smaller productions, concerts, meetings or lectures, and rehearsals. Our facility features a triple U shape arrangement seating (120 seats, handicapped accessible); industry current lighting, sound, and video systems as well as 2 dressing rooms and a green room.


Thank you for your interest in renting at Chesapeake Arts Center! Our 750 seat proscenium theatre, 120 seat black box theatre, 2 dance studios, conference room and classrooms are all available year round, pending availability. Price is determined by hourly usage. All spaces have a 4 hour minimum. CAC can provide lighting and sound technicians if needed, and an event manager will be scheduled to your event. Please see the rental inquiry form below and we will work together to make a great event!

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Event Proposal Information:

Proposals are sought out from artists for exhibits, theatrical productions (originals and licensed), dance and music recitals, classes, workshops and touring performances. The proposals are reviewed initially by the Staff for completeness and scheduling viability. These proposals are then brought before the Program Committee by the Executive Director. This committee is comprised of three current CAC Board Members and one local area business person (formerly on the CAC Board) and Director of Operations and Programming.

In Program Committee, the proposals and sample works are carefully scrutinized, discussed and voted upon. The views of the CAC Staff are carefully taken into account during this process. All works (art work, original & licensed plays, music performances, poetry & literature presentations), as well as proposed classes are reviewed for general audience and membership appeal, artistic merit, and basic decency standards. Everything exhibited, produced or presented here at CAC must fit within the vision set forth by our mission statement.


Please send proposal to Nicole Caracia at Ncaracia@chesapeakearts.org

CAC Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Sunday: Closed


P: 410-636-6597
E: info@chesapeakearts.org


194 Hammonds Lane
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225

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