Catrina Caldwell


Catrina Caldwell (Music) - Catrina is a classically trained vocalist, vocal coach, and artist from Baltimore, Maryland. She attended and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Voice, with a concentration in Musical Performance, from the illustrious Clark Atlanta University in 2010. Since then she has been performing and teaching all genres throughout Atlanta and Baltimore for the past 5 years. She is a true artist in every definition of the word, and believes life is nothing if you don't create. She believes we must all create and walk our own paths, create our own stories. We must create our own verses to our life songs. Every verse tells a story; stories of love, heartbreak, financial debt, family issues, crazy paradigm shifts that leave us all confused. But music somehow can make sense of it all and give us hope that the next verse will be better than the last. Whether she is creating her own music or teaching; she is passionate and committed to making her student's next verse their best verse.

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