The AngelWing Project, Inc. presents: An Encore Performance of Tears of the Soul, A Captivating and Powerful Stage Play That Deals with the Social Unrest of 1968

The AngelWing Project, Inc. presents: An Encore Performance of Tears of the Soul, A Captivating and Powerful Stage Play That Deals with the Social Unrest of 1968

Tears of the Soul is a powerful dramatic presentation that transports audiences back to 1968.  It was a turbulent time in America; especially in Memphis, TN. In Tears of the Soul we will meet a family living through the unrest of the time. The nation was at the height of the highly protested Vietnam war which was returning black soldiers to their hometowns maimed, in boxes or in many cases not at all. Black empowerment was on the rise with militant groups struggling to use their power to create their own destinies. Even after the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a caste system still existed, especially in the south. Racism and violence were rampant in the growing urban ghettos and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the prominent leader of the Civil Rights movement and non-violent protest met his demise on a Memphis balcony. 

Tears of the Soul is a portrayal of a family divided. The social climate in 1968 made life difficult outside and inside of the home. Fred Barnes, the family patriarch was employed as a city sanitation worker who was on strike to protest the unbelievably poor working conditions. The circumstances leading up to the strike and the strike itself present unique challenges to Fred as he wrestles with the threat to his manhood. His devoted wife Vivian struggles to keep the family from completely falling apart as divergent viewpoints make it impossible to communicate. That was until one fateful day when tragedy collided with ideologies and each family member was forced to reevaluate their perspectives. Only by coming together was this family able to identify the true threat and free their souls from misconceptions, hatred and fear.

Tears of the Soul is beautifully cast to present this period piece with passion and precision.  The audience will experience a time in history where the country, resistant to change, struggled to change. They will witness the visceral effects of the time on each member of the Barnes family. “The cast is truly 2nd to none. I’m certain they will blow us all away again with their talent and brilliant interpretation of these characters.” Angela states. 

The presentation will also include a very distinguished guest.  Mr. Cleophus Smith from Memphis, TN is one of the original sanitation workers who participated in the strike and recalls vividly what it was like to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Mountaintop” speech and how risky it was to stand up for justice during that time. Audience members will have an opportunity to hear from him.

Angela Wilson is the playwright and director of this play. This is her 4th time at the helm of a production at the Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC).  Angela is the founder of the AngelWing Project, Inc. (AWP), a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts organization founded in 2015 to promote the development of the performing arts in the local community. AWP is the theater in residence at the Chesapeake Arts Center. She states “our partnership with CAC allows us to bring meaningful shows to the stage that align with CAC’s mission to excite, educate, engage, inspire and grow this community's people. CAC is doing just that with their many offerings and AWP is extremely excited to be a part of that.”

AWP is one of the newest gems in the region’s vibrant arts scene.  It is a grass roots theatre company making their mark on the community with original productions, and published plays.  AWP tells the stories of real people and events not found in history books that nevertheless have contributed to the vivid tapestry that is America’s authentic and beautiful cultural narrative.  AWP strives to present artistically excellent projects that allow audiences to see their own humanity. Audiences walk away from AWP productions excited, in awe, and open to starting dialogues and creating solutions that will have positive impact for all.

The dynamic Tears of the Soul cast include: Joelle Denise, Pierre Walters, Regina Gail Malloy, Devin King, Andrew Poteete, Leah Mallory, Michal Roxie Johnson, Robert Smith, Michael Dandridge, Faith Ore, Sharon Goldner and Dr. Gregory Branch.



Tears of the Soul



Chesapeake Arts Center

Hammonds Theater

194 Hammonds Lane

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

5:00 p.m. - doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Run Time: approximately 2:00 hours





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Discounts are available for seniors, children and groups of 10 or more



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